Learning to Trust Yourself (Again)

Trust is such a beautiful thing. Strong as an iron bridge but delicate as a soap bubble.

When we are hurt, our ability to trust is challenged.  If we are hurt enough, we stop even trusting ourselves. And that is a pretty miserable place to be.

Fortunately, your inner voice will never leave you. But you have to keep trusting it. Even if it seems to lead you astray sometimes. Even if it constantly seems to lead you astray.

“That makes no sense.”, you say. “It was my inner voice that got me into the

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The Planetary Mind (and How to Change It)

Our planetary mind is a collection of every emotion and thought that has been experienced by all who have incarnated here. So not only are we directly influenced by all who have passed before us, we also influence those who follow. I believe this explains a lot. And it also makes me hopeful. Just as you change your life just by deciding to do so, you also affect the future of the planet. You can change the planetary mind.

Now before you start to argue with me about percentages (I saw this coming), there is a little discussed quality of exponential

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Getting in Touch with the Divine Mother

Hello fellow seekers. I usually write about discoveries I’ve made during my personal journeys. Revelations I think may help someone else. But this time, I’d like to write about something I am still discovering. This is my experience of getting in touch with the Divine Mother.

I think of my blogging like being a rock climber climbing in a group. The one ahead of you and behind you is part of your experience. You are all tied together and helping one another. It is a collective. Hopefully, you will find this post helpful.

I have had many youtube gurus that I am

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Letting Go of the Need to Control

Early on, we are told that we are in control of our life. We are in the driver’s seat. To be successful, we must make it so. And, if we fail to achieve, we are at fault. We messed up.

Because of this perspective, we feel it is of utmost importance that we control our environment (including others within it).  Control, we believe, is the key to getting what we want. This constant need to control however, is exhausting and harmful to ourselves and the people we love. It is time to let go of the need to control!

To begin, let’s

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Lessons and Blessings

I’ve come to the realization that life consists of two things: lessons and blessings. If you want all blessings, you have to convert the lessons into blessings.*

Life is full of hardship. No one escapes it. And there is a good reason for that. We are here on this earth to experience life in all of its abundance. That means good and bad, positive and negative, beautiful and ugly. All of it. We bought the full experience package before we were born. That’s right. We wanted it all.

You may be asking “Why would

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What is Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is the act of calling upon forces outside of your physical self to help you understand anything and everything pertaining to your well being. We all want to understand why we feel the way we feel. And you have access to metaphysical wisdom that can bring that understanding to you. Once you understand, you can heal yourself with the information. The healing can be emotional, mental or physical. It can change your belief system and perceptions. It can and often does change your life. Quite simply, you fix what ails you.

When I tell strangers I am a spiritual

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Letting Go of your Sensible Self

When you were a child, you had no problem playing make believe or daydreaming.  Children know that tapping into the imagination is putting the heart before the mind. You don’t think so much as you feel, desire, explore, let go, play … all good things!

But somewhere along the way, your logical, practical side asserted itself and put a stop to all that nonsense. That is most unfortunate. Because your imagination is the key to unlocking the doors to your happiest you.

Imagination is the language of your subconscious. After all, your  dreams are

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Letting Go of the Past

Please take a minute and imagine what you would feel like if every bad thing that ever happened to you was suddenly wiped from your memory.

Go ahead and imagine it. I’ll wait…

Did that feel good? Did it feel amazing even? Did you have a fleeting moment of lightness mixed with a sense of incredulity?

Now ask yourself, “Why do I keep replaying all those negative things over and over again in my head? And why do they affect me so strongly today?”

You are not alone. We all have a tendency to hang onto

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Letting Go of Negativity

Negative thoughts throw off your natural flow of energy and affect your ability to get through your day. If you recognize yourself as an energetic form, then imagine negative thoughts as heavy weights stuck to your energy and slowing you down. You might imagine rowing a boat laden with too many passengers. It can make you feel like you’re working really hard and getting nowhere. Letting go of negativity is a process and every little step you take helps a lot. Because each time you let go of a negative thought or

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