When our conscious mind sleeps, our sub conscious mind does not. Instead it creates a completely new reality to explore in the form of dreams. And it uses our emotional framework to fuel the ideas for those dreams. So if you have something bothering you, it is fair game for the dream.

That is why it is so important to work with dreams that are particularly vivid or disturbing or recur over and over again. Those dreams signal an emotional energy in you that is strong or deep rooted. These are the energies you want to understand and eventually let go.

DreamWork is a great way to explore a dream. The process is very straightforward and helps you uncover previously hidden perceptions. You literally move through the dream and become a part of it so that you connect with the dream at its deepest level – at the level of sub conscious creation. And in doing so, you see the reasoning behind it.

Most of my DreamWork clients are amazed at how clearly they understand the dream once they begin the work. It just seems to unfold, like reading a story. It is fascinating and deeply rewarding work.