I am so excited to be able to offer surrogate sessions to my clients! I have excellent surrogates with proven channeling gifts. One of them will basically become you for the duration of an hypnosis session.

How does a surrogate hypnosis session work?

Your surrogate’s intention is to ‘be’ you for the duration of the session in addition to the session intention you and I create in the pre session interview. I do not share much if any information with the surrogate so they are starting with a clean slate and only know your intention.

Your ‘team’ (your higher self, guides, angels, soul family, etc…) knows what is going on. They know the surrogate isn’t you. But they have been given permission to speak and act freely as if the surrogate is you. So the session proceeds exactly as if you were on the couch. Only the surrogate has the added benefit of channeling abilities and experience.

Who is this ideal for? 

  • Anyone who is unable physically to have a session.
  • Anyone who is unable to communicate well or in English.
  • Anyone who is unable to ‘go deep’  or connect with other realms when in hypnosis.
  • Anyone who wishes to remain anonymous (contact me for more on this)

Want to learn more? Contact me for a free consultation to learn if a surrogate session is right for you!