Intentional hypnosis is a technique for achieving a mental and physical level of hypnotic trance. In this state, we will be working with the subconscious mind. You can access and understand habits and modify behavior and perceptions at the core level where they live. You may be surprised to find out why you do the things you do.

My role is to guide you to that state and through the process. I also will assist you in setting your intent for the session which is of utmost importance to achieve what you want. I use proven and modern techniques and a wealth of experience all within the framework of my own intuition. The process is gentle, relaxing, cleansing and healing.

In my experience, clients go as deep as they want to go. This is often related to the trust in the practitioner. I hope to gain your complete trust so that you may get the most from your session. I am pleased to say that the majority of my clients comment on how comfortable and safe they feel working with me. I consider it an honor to do this work and I respect my clients completely and without judgement.

If you are looking to change habits this is an opportunity to to reach the place where habits hide. When you bypass the conscious mind and go directly to the source, you have a much greater chance of success. Again, intent plays a huge role. So we will be discussing and fine tuning your goal before your session and addressing it during the session.

This is an opportunity to explore who you are from a different perspective. With the right tools and setting, the exploration is not only illuminating, but often it is liberating and joyful. It can feel quite literally like getting something off your chest. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? That’s because it is! Your time is now. So let’s get started.