Our planetary mind is a collection of every emotion and thought that has been experienced by all who have incarnated here. So not only are we directly influenced by all who have passed before us, we also influence those who follow. I believe this explains a lot. And it also makes me hopeful. Just as you change your life just by deciding to do so, you also affect the future of the planet. You can change the planetary mind.

Now before you start to argue with me about percentages (I saw this coming), there is a little discussed quality of exponential effect in the universe. To put it simply, there is great power in a small amount of light.

Imagine the planetary mind like gigantic room full of candles but only one is lit. With only the light of one candle, the room is mostly dark. Now imagine that each lit candle may light another one. So one candle turns into two. Then two into four, four into eight and eight into sixteen. Do you see the power in this? When only a few candles are lit, there is hope as the darkness recedes. But as each candle lights another, the room becomes brighter and brighter. Even if there are hold outs (those candles who do not wish to light), they cannot escape the light from the other candles.

Understand that you are a candle in the universe. And you do have the power to light up and change the planetary mind. By letting go of negativity and choosing love over hate, peace over anger, you also have the power to light others. Plus you are not limited to just lighting one other candle. You may light as many as you come into contact with. But first, you must light your own candle and let it burn as brightly as possible so other seeking candles can find you. They are drawn to light and ready to join you.

Each candle matters. Your light is not insignificant. Your light is crucial. You are crucial to the planet. Crucial. So any time you do not feel that you have the power to change anything, know that you can and you do. Just by how you feel today. How you feel now. So feel joyous and hopeful. Feel grateful and humble. Feel the gift of the Earth and the Sun. Hug trees and turn your face to the sun every day. And while you’re going about these simple things, you are changing the future!