Are you looking for guidance, truth and wisdom? Perhaps you are seeking to heal yourself emotionally or physically? Beyond Quantum Healing, or BQH, is a journey with your guides, angels, cosmic family and Higher Self.  We invite them to guide you to find answers to your questions and address your intention. This can come in the form of channeling, past life regression, visions and/or emotional experiences to name a few. Profound is the best word to describe what happens in a BQH session. I am always blown away by the wisdom and clarity that can come from our divine resources.

The intent of a quantum healing session can be similar or even identical to a regular hypnosis session. But there is a spiritual aspect to the process and extra steps provide additional opportunities to connect on an ethereal level. You can go as deep or as high as you want to go. The connection is through your heart, not your mind.

How you define spiritual is up to you and no belief will be expected or forced upon you in any way. I recommend approaching quantum healing with an open mind because depending upon your heart, mind and intent, these sessions can deliver answers in many and often unexpected ways. Ask and you shall receive…

In my experience, clients go as deeply as they want to go. I have found that Quantum Healing clients tend to seek a state that enables them to more fully connect from the heart directly with source. With that in mind, I recommend preparing for a session in Beyond Quantum Healing.

If you have ever experienced Ayahuasca, you understand the process of connecting to a source wiser than yourself who can guide you to understand the issues you face. Quantum Healing is a very similar process. But it can be accomplished without the aid of the plant medicine or Shaman. It only requires that you surrender to the process, state your intent, and accept the connection. It is deep, magical and beautiful.

Quantum Healing is about exploring your truth. I cannot tell you what that looks like, nor would I try. I honor all beliefs here.

I work with clients around the world using Zoom or cell phone. I have never noticed a difference between a remote and live quantum healing session. Actually, remote sessions can be more comfortable for the client. I have many, many testimonials to the simultaneous energetic experiences I have shared with a client during a remote session. The universe just does not care how far apart we are on the map. So please do not hesitate to book a remote session.

I also offer online tandem quantum healing sessions for two. So if you wish to work with someone to explore some aspect of your relationship, please add a person when you book your appointment.

Concerned you may not can be hypnotized or can’t lie still for long? I offer Surrogate Quantum Healing sessions with Lea. She is amazing and has received excellent results for clients just like you.

If you are looking for an opportunity to expand your awareness, deepen your understanding and connect more completely with your cosmic resources for emotional and physical healing, there will never be a better time. Let’s get started!