Spiritual healing is the act of calling upon forces outside of your physical self to help you understand anything and everything pertaining to your well being. We all want to understand why we feel the way we feel. And you have access to metaphysical wisdom that can bring that understanding to you. Once you understand, you can heal yourself with the information. The healing can be emotional, mental or physical. It can change your belief system and perceptions. It can and often does change your life. Quite simply, you fix what ails you.

When I tell strangers I am a spiritual healer, I sometimes get the question, “What do you actually do?”. So I thought I would explain the process for the curious. I do not intend to convert the skeptical. Everyone is on the right path for where they are right now. All is as it should be.

What you already know

I think it likely that you’ve heard a little voice inside your head or heart that tells you when something is right or wrong for you. And I think you would agree that the voice has your best interest at heart. It is trying to guide and protect you. It seems to come from a place of love. I call that voice your Higher Self. Some call it the Super Conscious. And we all have it.

We also have a voice that holds us back. This voice also seems to want what is best for us. It too seems to be protecting us. But this voice comes from a place of fear. It often tells us negative things. It often reminds us of our failures and painful memories from our past so that we are on the lookout for things that can hurt us. This voice I call the Subconscious.

Spiritual HealingIn spiritual healing, I work with the Higher Self and the Subconscious to dig deep into what makes you tick (or tock) so you can get your clock running smoothly again. No subject is off limits and no order is too tall. I’ve been directly advised in no uncertain terms “All things are possible”. It doesn’t get any plainer than that. Once you surrender to the process, your ability to heal yourself is only defined by you.

Working with Your Higher Self

Your Higher Self is an amazing resource. It knows everything about you and loves you unconditionally. When the Higher Self is allowed to speak in a session, you are tapping into the wisest part of you. It knows who you are, what you are capable of and how you treat yourself. So if you come to hear truth and get answers, you will not be disappointed. Your Higher Self knows what you need to hear and will tell you. There is no better feeling than being cradled in the knowledge, wisdom and love of your own Higher Self.

Working with Your Subconscious

Imagine that a human being is like a computer. It comes into the world with a (relatively) clean hard drive. Now imagine that as that human grows and learns, it creates auto pilot software that can run without thinking.  This programming can come from experience or from authority figures. For example, once a human learns to walk, it can just wrap up that skill as a software program and that program runs on auto pilot any time the brain says ‘walk’.

Unfortunately, there is no automatic mechanism for evaluating your subconscious programming over time. So once a program is in place, it usually stays in place until you intentionally dismantle it. That may be ok for programs like ‘walk’.  But what happens if your programming tells you to eat to make yourself feel better? Or what if you have a program that tells you you are inferior to those around you. That is not so great.

Working with Trapped Emotions

Emotions affect us physically. They can make us cry from sadness, shake with fear or lash out with anger. They can cause us to freeze or faint from panic. And they usually have stages. So for example, when you get angry, it might begin as a feeling in your chest then move to your face and then finally end when you hit something or yell at someone to release this energy from your body. But oftentimes we are not able to release this energy. Maybe you are not allowed to cry or you cannot yell at or hit the person you are angry at. When that happens, we trap that emotion inside our energetic body. It is physical and you can feel this trapped energy.

We often feel these trapped emotions in the form of digestive issues, headaches or tight muscles. They can also cause problems with organ function. There really is no limit to the havoc a trapped emotion can wreak on your body. And trapped emotions can cause us to be easily triggered. So if you get angry really quickly at the slightest thing, you may have trapped anger.

How Spiritual Healing Works

During a spiritual healing session, using Intentional Hypnosis or Quantum Healing, you can address trapped emotions and/ or programming that no longer serves you.

Sometimes the healing is immediate like imploding a building. Sometimes it is more of a dismantling process. But letting go of subconscious programming and trapped emotions are possible with spiritual healing.

Once the Subconscious understands some program is no longer working for you, it has no reason to keep running it. And the Higher Self is really good at explaining what is going on so that the Subconscious ‘gets’ it.

There are also techniques we can use both during and after the session to release trapped emotions. Oftentimes just the act of finding and acknowledging the trapped emotion releases it.

Who Should Try Spiritual Healing

Absolutely anyone can and should do this. Any authentic spiritual healer will be able to work with you and meet you wherever you are. I do not judge nor do I require any belief system. In fact just the opposite is true. I much prefer an open mind and a willing heart. If you are here, you are meant to read this. If you make an appointment with me, I believe I am supposed to help you. So are you ready to let go for life? Let’s get started!