My remote session with Amy brought me tranquility and peace of mind. Although we were in different locations far from each other, and even in different time zones, I felt Amy here with me, understanding completely what is going on with me under hypnosis. Her guide was very gentle, accurate and intuitive. In such a loving atmosphere, I could give myself totally to her as if I was a child being held in mother’s arms.

My intent was “finding a clear vision about my future”. What I received during the session was something larger and more profound than I imagined. It was something that cannot be understood by brain, but can be only felt by heart. It brought me a significant energy shift, with confidence about my future path.

Amy is a very professional and skillful therapist, as well as loving and caring person. I would seek her session whenever I need healing of myself, and recommend others when they need authentic, holistic therapy. – Yuko,S

Remote Session - Tokyo

I have had more than a few energy healing sessions including hypnotherapy, but I’ve never felt held with such compassion as I did in my work with Amy. I’ve also never experienced such immediate and clear results.  Through this work, I not only received some much-needed guidance, but I was also able to heal a painful neck injury I’d been suffering with for months. Sweet relief! I hope to continue working with her for years to come. If you found her, and are reading this now, trust that you’ve been guided to work with her. You have my deepest promise you will be grateful you did.  – Jenny B

Remote Session - Michigan
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I have not experienced anything quite like my hypnotherapy sessions with Amy. Each of my four sessions brought me clarity and balance to a range of issues/concerns I’ve had most of my adult life and some from childhood. All my questions about the structure of the session were answered beforehand. I felt safe and supported. The tools I’ve learned have been helpful in my daily life.

I experienced anxiety related to food selection since I was young enough to speak. An issue I was deeply ashamed of and never thought would have a resolution. Within one session I felt relief. I did a dream session and I highly recommend it to anyone who would like to further explore a reoccurring or notable dream.

Overall, I truly feel like the best version of myself and so much of that stems from the work I’ve done in these sessions. Please give yourself this chance to understand you more clearly. – L.W.

My session with Amy went exceptionally well.  My intent was to determine the basis and cause of visions I would have when I closed my eyes preparing to fall asleep though fully conscious.  The visions were images of different and unrecognizable figures unfamiliar to me.  The faces would slowly morph into characters with eyes that were menacing, not necessarily frightening, yet troubling.

During the session we worked with my guides. When discussing the visions, I watched as a motherly figure, not my mother but someone who felt safe, appear as if she were coming from me.  The image was so clear that I can still see her as she held up her arms while facing away from me.  A black, wispy cloud-like image that was not a well-defined shape against a red sky, materialized as if coming from my body and rushed away into the distance and disappeared. I can happily report that the visions, which had been fairly constant for about 5 years, no longer appear.

It was a wonderfully satisfying experience. Amy was gracious and made me feel completely at ease as we took the journey together discovering a part of me that was new yet oddly familiar.  I look forward to more sessions as I discover myself in a whole new light. – N. White