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Letting Go of the Past

Please take a minute and imagine what you would feel like if every bad thing that ever happened to you was suddenly wiped from your memory.

Go ahead and imagine it. I’ll wait…

Did that feel good? Did it feel amazing even? Did you have a fleeting moment of lightness mixed with a sense of incredulity?

Now ask yourself, “Why do I keep replaying all those negative things over and over again in my head? And why do they affect me so strongly today?”

You are not alone. We all have a tendency to hang onto

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Letting Go of Negativity

Negative thoughts throw off your natural flow of energy and affect your ability to get through your day. If you recognize yourself as an energetic form, then imagine negative thoughts as heavy weights stuck to your energy and slowing you down. You might imagine rowing a boat laden with too many passengers. It can make you feel like you’re working really hard and getting nowhere. Letting go of negativity is a process and every little step you take helps a lot. Because each time you let go of a negative thought or

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