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Your first Hypnosis or Beyond Quantum Healing session will be longer than a regular session because we need to get to know each other first. This is very important as it allows us to go in depth into your goals and set the stage for the work you want to do.

Therefore, I require that initial Quantum Healing sessions are at least 3 hours and Intentional Hypnosis sessions are an hour and a half. You can break this down into two sessions: One consultation and then book a shorter session time for the follow up. We can go over this in the consultation if you would like.

I offer a free consultation to new clients and encourage you to take advantage of that by filling in the form below. Otherwise just book a session and I’ll give you a call.

I also offer discounts for packages and certain groups. Learn about special pricing HERE.

I am truly excited that you’re here and look forward to working with you!

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