The Planetary Mind (and How to Change It)

Our planetary mind is a collection of every emotion and thought that has been experienced by all who have incarnated here. So not only are we directly influenced by all who have passed before us, we also influence those who follow. I believe this explains a lot. And it also makes me hopeful. Just as you change your life just by deciding to do so, you also affect the future of the planet. You can change the planetary mind.

Now before you start to argue with me about percentages (I saw this coming), there is a little discussed quality of exponential

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Using Polarity (Opposites) to Neutralize Negative Emotions

What is polarity and how can I use it to neutralize or get rid of negative emotions and feelings?

Polarity is when something has opposing characteristics. For example, temperature may be hot or cold – polar opposites of one another. But hot and cold are both temperature. The same with direction. You can go up or down (polar opposites) but either way is a direction.

Let’s now look at the polarity of emotions. Emotions can be either positive or negative. And if you think hard about a negative emotion you are experiencing, you should be able to name its positive counterpart; its

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Letting Go of Your Stuff

Stuff. We all have it. Some of us more than others.

I invite you to discover the freedom of letting go of it. At least a goodly chunk of it. And stop acquiring more of it to replace what you let go.

You must be thinking about it. Or you wouldn’t be here reading this. Not too long ago, I took the plunge.

So, I know from personal experience what it feels like to get rid of things you think you need. Or that you paid a lot for. (That is the hardest.)  And I can tell you, it feels incredible. It is

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